1. United Kingdom

UK qualifications are recognized and respected throughout the world .Some universities in
UK are over 600 years old & have a long tradition of offering personalized education in the UK.
In the UK you get 4 countries in one England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland. They are within easy reach of one another, they are easy to explore. The national air, rails,bus networks, will get you almost everywhere in the UK.

1-year program + internships.
Scholarships up to 3000 pounds or more. MBA (1 year )+ 1 yr paid internship.
20hr/week part time inside and outside the university .
Some good universities  give offer without IELTS . *
Low fee structure.



Ireland has emerged as a very promising country because of two strengths – the medium of instruction and cheaper costs. More attractive for students is visa, which is easy to obtain than any other countries. Irish universities offer program right from the certificate level to the doctorate level & in almost all fields of study.

Ireland is an emerging country, which is now spreading its wings.
One year work permits after completion of course.
20 hr/week part time.
Scholarship opportunities.



Public colleges ( Govt.funded universities) offers PG diplomas of
1 yr, 2yr & 3 yr duration with low fees structure.
Get work permit for 1 yr ,2 yr, 3 yr depending upon the course.
Can apply for PR after completion of course.
IELTS required. *
Co-op options available.




Public Universities offers free of cost Education.
1 year work permit.
20 hr/week part time job.
A proper internship
The educational quality of Germany is of extremely high standard.  Largest University System of Europe.




1 yr work permit.Economic options available.
20 hr/week part time.
fastest growing company in Australia by BRW magazine
Australia provides value for money by offering shorter and more intensive courses.
The Association of Australian Education Representatives in India (AAERI).