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How Study in Abroad Will Help Your Career


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Studying abroad is an experience that allows you to enhance your education and life experiences outside of your comfort zone. As an international student, you’ll be forced to adapt to life in a foreign culture and overcome obstacles you have never faced before, which will help you gain immense clarity and ultimately make key decisions about where you’d like your career to take you.

How Study in Abroad Will Help Your Career? Let me count the ways…

1. It gives you actual foreign language experience.

2. It exposes you to the joys of project management/juggling multiple responsibilities.

3. You’ll develop an appreciation (and knack) for living away from home.

4. You will become more independent and refine your decision-making skills.

You can also learn some benefits of study in abroad.


Why Not Work In The Field Of Study Abroad?

You’ve become familiar with visas, international university requirements, program pros and cons, and cultural nuances. If you’re interested in interacting with students and helping them pursue their own study abroad dreams, you can become a study abroad adviser at a university or a private study abroad company. Later on, you might consider working in a more government-based role as a foreign service officer or at a consulate. You might take your marketing know-how to help introduce more students about the magic of study abroad. You could switch gears to focus on bringing foreign students to study in your home country versus helping your national students go elsewhere.

Tip for success: A tried and true strategy for getting on the good sight of your study abroad organization or adviser is to be actively involved from the Knowledge Kingdom Team. Volunteer to help at recruitment events, blog about your experiences while you traveling abroad, offer to share your social media savvy by managing their channels or offer to give talks on campus to prospective study abroad students. Be enthusiastic and creatively participatory!

Even if you don’t realize it in your moments of delight in overseas, Study in Abroad gives you the privilege and adventure of learning new skills that will ultimately help shape your career choice.

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