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How much time should one spend in extra and co-curricular activities?

If a student is going to work for 20 hours a week, he/she probably cannot read all the recommended books. In addition, if one spends too much time in clubs, pubs, theaters, concerts he/she will end up with the short span of time. The trick is to find a balance between these two – academic and social activities.

How to schedule my tasks?

At the Institution, nobody will ask the student to go to bed at 8 PM or study for 3 hours a day etc. One is free to do anything. Of course, one must attend tutorials, lectures, practical etc., at fixed time and must submit essays & assignments in time. Whether when one should write at 6 PM or 6 AM it is up to him/her.

How to make friends?

A particular student is not the only one who does not know anyone in the Institution. Most of his/her mates are also in the same situations. One may meet like-minded people in tutorials, classes, halls, and kitchen or sports ground…. An Institution is a large group of people where one will not be left alone. A student should share his/her interests, some jokes or at least have some fun – he/she should soon end up with a very large group of friends!

What is open learning?

Open learning is somewhat similar to distance learning. The main difference is that no specific prior qualifications are needed. All types of qualifications such as Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Vocational qualifications are run here.

What is Profile evaluation for Studies Abroad?

It’s a process of evaluation of the Profile of Students and Selecting the Universities on the basis of Marks, Exam Scores, and Other Factors.

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