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SAT Coaching Classes in Bhopal

SAT Coaching Classes in Bhopal

SAT Coaching Classes in Bhopal

SAT – Scholastic Aptitude Test:

Scholastic Aptitude Test is the required qualifying test, on the score of which most of the US Institutions generally take a decision for admission for all the undergraduate programs. Many universities also require you to take SAT-Subject tests.SAT Coaching Classes in Bhopal

Exam Pattern: (Total Time: 3hrs 45mins)

  • Critical Reading: 70 mins. (two 25-mins. sections and one 20-mins. section)
  • Mathematics: 70 mins. (two 25-mins. sections and one 20-mins. section)
  • Writing:  60 mins. (two 25-mins. sections and one 10-mins. section)
  • SAT is out of 2400
  •  Fees Structure: 16,000/-
  • Duration: 5 Month

Probably the most important factor in test preparation is getting copies of the actual test, the copyrighted versions of past tests taken by real people. Secondly, finding books that specifically target weak areas in math and grammar and vocabulary. So what are the ones that I consistently use with my students and consider to be best SAT prep books?

This article is a new SAT guide that will go through the most relevant points for students, parents, and educators to understand about the new SAT test.

SAT Coaching Classes in Bhopal

Updates in New SAT – Format Changes:

  • The SAT is now scored out of 1600.
  • The Reading and Writing sections of the current SAT have been combined into a single section in the new SAT, with a maximum score of 800. Writing is now known as “Writing and Language.”
  • The Math section is still scored out of 800.
  • The Essay is optional and has changed dramatically.
  • Instead of 5 answer choices for each question, there will be only 4. This doesn’t necessarily make the test easier since the SAT will just remove the most unlikely answer.

At this point, I can’t help mentioning that the new SAT looks a lot like the ACT. Whereas the PRE-2016 SAT had major differences from the ACT, the 2016 SAT will be quite similar. From here, we’ll break down each of the major sections of the SAT.

SAT Coaching Classes in Bhopal

By reading this post, you’ll know the answers to the following questions:

  • What are the meaningful changes from the current SAT?
  • How will these changes affect how students should prepare for the SAT?

We’ll also be showing example questions that best illustrate these changes. You’ll see questions that are new to the SAT and questions that will never appear again. I recommend you read through the entire article to get a full grasp of how the new SAT works.

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SAT Coaching Classes in Bhopal

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